4 Funny or Scary Prank ideas for Halloween

Halloween is around the corner, and very soon everyone all over the country will be trick or treating. Kids might knock on your door and loudly demand chocolate covered bounties. We’re in for some serious holiday fun. And for those who like to take things an extra mile, making people scared shitless for a bit is just the perfect plan.

It’s super boring being a conservative. I get it, going on a weekend of sugar bending is worlds away from the fun. But come on; it's Halloween! And come to think of it, the good old straight-vodka-in-the-bottle prank or plastic-around-the-car fun isn't much more innovative either. While these are really clean funny ways to making people the butt of practical jokes, there is something special about successfully carrying out a prank that'll scare the living lights out of people around.

This is a week to be wicked—well, in a fun way—so long as no one is getting harmed, right? It’s time to begin prepping strategies for your killer Halloween move now. Switch things up, take pranking a few notches higher with and try any of these super creepy OR super hilarious prank ideas. We’ll start from the funny ones and navigate to the scarier ones.

  1. Tiny condom prank

Check out MailPrankz and send a sample tiny condom with a note informing your recipient of the package being delivered "as requested." This tiny condom prank can be a funnily annoying prank considering the size of the condoms and the implied meaning (haha!).

  1. Halloween card glitter Bomb

We all know how near impossible glitter is to get rid of, so if you want to piss somebody off and still come across as adorable, why not try the Halloween glitter bomb? You can customize the message and even go ahead to choose the kind of glitter you want to use. How it works is that the glitter is loaded onto a Halloween greeting card. Once the recipient receives the package and opens it, it pops out. What better way to say “In your face!” to someone this Halloween than with a glitter bomb?

  1. I’m Watching You

This is less of a quirky Halloween trick and more of a creepy one. Just be careful to only expose it to older kids and adults, and try not to let it run for too long. Simply write “I’m watching you” or any such creepy message on the bathroom mirror and breathe on the mirror. Leave it to dry by itself. When someone else comes in to take a shower, the humidity will make the message to rise again. You can imagine how momentarily creepy that will be like, like something from a horror movie.

  1. Falling Spider Prank

This will startle the hell out of anyone who walks into it. You need at least 10 feet of fishing line and a large fake spider to play out this prank (can choose a real spider if you want to go the extra mile, but make sure people on the receiving end can stomach your sadism).

Screw on a hook into the ceiling right above a couch. Tie the fishing line to the spider and drape over the hook. Then get out of sight. Once your target sits, release the fishing line so that the spider lands on the target's head. You'll be in stitches at their reaction. Make sure to record it and share with your friends!

Well, that’s it! Try any of these and get you and get everyone laughing. You are sure to be the trick king this year.

What other embarrassing pranks or scary ones do you know?

Happy trick or treating!


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