About Us

Pranksters are always looking for new ideas that will bring some excitement into their prank game. You don’t have to look too far as we pride ourselves in delivering out of the box prank ideas that will make you a quick sensation within the community.

If you have fallen for embarrassing pranks in the past and are looking to get some revenge, you're in the right place as we have a blend of exciting revenge prank ideas that will help you get back at your frenemies to even the scores.

From prank postcards to a blend of other exciting gag gifts, we have everything you’ll need to up your pranking game. Show your frenemies what you’re made of by leveraging our services today. At MailPrankz, our goal is to bring something unique and refreshing to the prank community, and this we do effortlessly with our blends of unique products.

Looking to stun your friends with embarrassing gifts? Why not try out our postcards? Look through our selection of embarrassing cards which you can send anonymously, and watch them react in the funniest way. When it comes to bringing something out of the box to the pranking community, MailPrankz is in a league of its own. Surf through our website today, and you'll be blown away by what we offer.

All of our postcards sent are of premium quality, hence making it easy to deceive your targets at least for a moment. More so, they are printed on a smooth coating finish, to give your victims a feeling that what they received is genuine. At MailPrankz, pranking is what we do best, and we will be happy to help you become a better prankster.